Many Experiencing Problems With Social Security Administration After Marriage Comes To SC

December 4, 2014

Same sex couples married legally in other states along with couples married in SC since November 20th are experiencing issues with the U.S. Social Security Administration to recognize their marriages. SC Equality has received numerous calls from couples who have filed documents with SSA to change their last names to that of their respective spouse. However, they are being told their request were being put into a holding file until the state receives guidance from the Social Security Administration. Social Security offices fall under the purview of both the state and the Federal Government, which is what makes this current procedure so unusual. After SCOTUS' decision in the Windsor case in June of 2013, all federal agencies were directed to immediately process benefits for legally married couples. We are working with the SSA and with U.S. Representatives in Washington to address this issue. As soon as we have a update, we will share it immediately. The Social Security Administration has posted the following on their website addressing same sex marriages: