SC Equality Post-DOMA Litigation Task Force

August 12, 2013

In June, the Supreme Court struck down section 3 of the discriminatory, federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The court's decision sent a clear signal affirming that all loving and committed couples who are married deserve equal legal respect and treatment from our federal government. Edie Windsor's case has paved the way for a future generation of equal rights for same-sex couples in our country. 
In South Carolina, this victory is met with numerous challenges as our own state's constitutional amendment, and various other laws, ban any recognition of same-sex relationships. Since then, one question remains on many of our minds - What's the next step for marriage equality in South Carolina?
SC Equality has explored a number of post-DOMA possibilities for South Carolina. After weeks of conference calls and meetings with national experts and local partners, we are pleased to announce today, the formation of:
We are gathering some of the best and brightest legal minds in our state to look at every aspect of the Supreme Court ruling, our state's laws, and the federal and state court systems - everything it takes to build a case for marriage equality. Our board member and attorney, Malissa Burnette, has agreed to chair this volunteer team of lawyers as they explore our legal options.
Our Litigation Task Force needs YOUR stories and your support to build the strongest case possible for marriage equality in our state. Your stories will help these legal professionals explore potential court challenges and help our education team better inform the public about why we need full equality for all families. Tell us your stories today!
At SC Equality, we refuse to accept the belief that South Carolina will be the last state in the US to allow the freedom to marry. The road ahead of us is long and filled with a lot of work but that's why NOW, MORE THAN EVER, we need to be building a strong case for marriage equality in the Palmetto State.
Our Litigation Task Force of volunteer attorneys will work diligently to advise our board of the next steps for action in the stride towards marriage equality.  Advice from this Task Force, whose members are participating on a pro bono basis, will be based on an extensive review of case history and legal expertise, with emphasis on the specifics of the South Carolina judicial system needed to win the case.
Click this link to tell us your stories about why Marriage Equality Matters in South Carolina!